Suggested Packing List:

• Bible
• Pen/Pencil & Notebook
• Bedding including a pillow, sheets, and a blanket or a sleeping bag. (The A/C gets cool at night)
• Personal items including a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, deodorant, shower sandals, and etc…
• Shirts, pants (at least one pair of long pants), a hat, lots of socks, and undergarments. 
• Sunscreen & bug spray
• A beach/swimming towel so campers can dry off after pool time and water games.
• Medication to last five days at camp. 

What Not To Bring:

• MP3 Players, iPods, computers, tablets, portable gaming systems, etc.


Don’t forget to bring canteen cash! The canteen will be open three times daily serving drinks and light snacks. A snack and a drink will usually cost one dollar a piece. We recommend campers bring at least $25 for the canteen.

Clothing Guidelines:

• Campers are asked to bring enough clothes for five days.
• Swimsuits must be modest. Girls are only allowed to wear one piece swimsuits. No bikinis or bikini style swimsuits. Boys are not to wear skin tight swim trunks.
• Shorts or skirts must be no shorter than five inches above the knee and should not be tight fitting. Anyone wearing shorts or skirts must have their shorts or skirts approved by a counselor before leaving the dorm.
• Each camper should bring at least one pair of jeans or long pants.
• No muscle shirts, spandex, tank tops, strapless dresses, or spaghetti straps will be permitted.

In the past campers have dressed up for chapel service on Wednesday night. We no longer require campers to dress up but they do have the option to do so on Wednesday night.