All counselors in training (CITs) at Camp Eunice are volunteers, but are still fully vetted for the safety and security of our campers and other staff members. All CITs will be vetted by the camp staff and must have a good reference from at least three people including their pastor. All references are considered private and will not be made known publicly. If you would like to serve this year at Camp Eunice you must complete the online application process. Click the link below to access the Camp Eunice registration page, then click on the Counselor In Training Application 2023 link to get started. Once you have applied online, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to online reference forms, which can be shared with your references.


What Positions Are Available?

We have many opportunities for you to serve at each camp, but the most common are:

• Kitchen staff
• Counselors
• Teachers
• Recreation Leaders
• Devotion Leaders
• Dorm Counselors

What’s Required to Serve?

• Acceptance of our statement of belief
• A good reference
• A good attitude
• Must have completed the 10th grade
• Be willing to serve in whatever form is needed